Charlie is fabulous to work with: Knowledgeable (not only about real estate but also about the community), willing to go above and beyond, warm and funny! After he’s sold you a house, he’ll be a friend for life! ~ Linda G. Ketner

We had already interviewed a bunch of realtors before meeting Charlie. When my wife and I finally found the property of our dreams we knew there was only one with the expertise to get us through this difficult property deal. Charlie’s knowledge is unsurpassed with his city planning background and qualifications, but along the way you find out what an amazing person he is to deal with. A pleasure in each and every way and from our experience he cares more about the person than making a quick buck. That goes a long way in our books! ~ ​Johan Venter

Thanks to Charlie Smith we are where we are today. When Charlie showed us this property we loved it, but it was to great a challenge for us to take on. Charlie helped us believe in a dream and worked hard to make it a reality. We owe him a lot, thanks Charlie. ~ Jim Smeal and Alejandro Gonzalez

I walked into Charlie’s office and handed him a list of the twenty or thirty features I was looking for in a house. He took a few minutes to study the list, asked a couple of questions, and then gave the address of the house I wanted – from memory. Ten minutes after we met, he had already picked out the perfect house for me. He showed me a couple of others just to be sure, but in short order, I made an offer and bought the house. ~​Sam Moskow​